Intellectual Property

(1) What are the relevant law governing intellectual property rights in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is governed by Acts of Parliament and common law. The following are various types of IP recognised in Malaysia as well as the relevant principal Act:
a. Trade Marks – Trade Marks Act 1976
b. Patents – Patents Act 1983
c. Copyright – Copyright Act 1987
d. Industrial Designs – Industrial Designs Act 1996
e. Geographical Indications – Geographical Indications Act 2000
f. Integrated Circuit Layout Designs – Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000

(2) Who is the relevant authority for registration and protection of IPR?
The registration and/or protection of the various IP mentioned above falls under the purview of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

(3) What are the remedies available for breach of IPR besides those provided in the statute?
Malaysia also recognises the tort of passing off (protection of goodwill) and breach of confidence (protection of confidential information and trade secrets) under the common law.